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Our Newest Obsession : Hologram Foils

If you don't already know, we have a bit of an obsession with metallic. The fact that it's shiny, sparkling, and of course there is the glam factor. Who wouldn't love it? Then there's the holographic effect. A rainbow like finish, changing colors from every angle and keeping you staring waiting for the next color shift. The effect is absolutely mesmerizing and magical. So of course when we saw these Metallic Art Foils from Artistic Painting Studio, we knew we had to try them! They're incredibly addicting and super easy to use!




Step 1 : We started by dipping our synthetic brush (usually a brush we don't care about) into the Foil Adhesive and painting it onto the spots we wanted the foil to stick to. Now, you can add the adhesive to small precise spots, or you can do an entire piece! It's entirely up to you! Be sure to watch for drips and bristles as you brush the adhesive on! After you've finished applying the adhesive you're going to wait 60 minutes for it to get tacky, then we move on to step 2.


Step 2 : Now it's time for the magic! Unroll your foil and cut to the amount you need for your project. You're going to apply the foil with the pattern facing out and press down onto the tacky bits. We use gilding gloves and rub down the foil with a firm touch. You can use a credit card, firm art brush, etc for this process. Whatever you prefer. We just want to put pressure onto the foil so it will transfer on to the adhesive. Now's the fun part, the reveal! You're going to slowly start peeling the foil up. If a piece is missed you can put it back down and apply more pressure and peel again.


Step 3 : Seal it! After you've finished you're going to want to seal your art! We use Winsor & Newton High Gloss Spray Varnish for our canvas art and the first layer of our furniture art. For our furniture pieces we use Daydream Apothecary Dream Coat along with the varnish. You can also use MasterClear Supreme - Gloss as a sealer for your furniture and decor. Then you let your piece cure and you're done! 


Only 3 simple steps and you've got yourself a magical metallic hologram finish that you'll be staring at forever! We hope you liked this little tutorial and we'd love to see what creations you come up with! Don't forget to tag us @GrayGardensDesign on Instagram for a feature! You can see how the foils react to movement and light here!


Maria & Ashley


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